Recently: Stockholm 2022
People walking – work in progress

With infinite patience, I awaited in dimly lit nooks, where a mere ray of diagonal light would cut across my chosen scene, allowing me to view the development of the most impressive sequence of anonymous figures in just a fraction of a second, miraculously lit up by the law of fugacity, just to vanish as if devoured, by the vast greatness of the dark, shadowy night. My “models”, were revealed through the eye of my camera for a fraction of a second in their inevitable naturalness, revealing their beauty in tiny doses, driving my diligence of trapping them through my cunningness and the magic of the attentive eye. Through accident and control.

With an almost voyeur approach, I have managed to identify different attitudes, make a soul to soul approximation, an intrusion into their innermost meaning, as if it was some type of police enquiry. A task of ocular dissection, taxidermy, the frenetic search to discover the serene nature of each urban “being” by infiltrating through their clothes, their skin…for no other reason than to pique my own curiosity and that of other viewers –and/or their conscious participation- to make the invisible visible. Undoubtedly, I thought about the limitations of photography and I understood their futile desire. Because our own world, that which we believe to be unique, so much a part of us, is actually just a small part of an interrelated whole, like the streets of an infinite city.






Lines – work in progress

Nothing could be further from my work than attempting to provide a description. This collection dips into an almost dreamlike ideology, touching on the impalpable. I aimed, through my photographs in the LINES series, to expose the attributes of the conceptual content in this work, so that it would ultimately be the observer who would fill in the missing elements of the photographic story. I asked myself whether it would be possible to shoot one or more portraits in which no specific face would exist, without even revealing an idea of a face. I asked myself where an anonymous man’s identity lies, a man who could simply be classified into a certain group of
individuals without substance.
The answer to these questions arose from the street itself, the very scene chosen with meticulous intention, a place through which beings pass, leaving only their essence, their aroma almost, in the suggestive delicacy of a line traced by the light.
I’ll go back to the start again: nothing could be further than providing a description. I did not consider it necessary to put a face to the shadow because it was enough knowing that somebody was, or had been, there. A man without identity. Almost like a Borgian game in which the universal
becomes an essential element in ensuring all the models in a sequence merge together in what could be called “the succession to the brief” A sole being who leaves revealing his persona for later, like a mere promise.
Just as fire, with its ever-changing shapes, is still the same element, we all become creatures who are capable of retaining an air of “unknown”, not so close to the photography itself, but perhaps closer to its concept, in a fleeting instant converted to the value of silence.




Los otros

Los otros




Surfers 2021


16 september 2021 – TV news

Early works

Portraits Tilcara, Argentina




49,00 cm / 30,0 cm 19.29 in / 11,81 in. Manufactured in wrought iron design. High-quality powder paint in black colour



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